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Procelle (the makers of ProSol Works Brand of Cleaning Products) is a family owned and operated business located in the North Central part of the United States. We created Procelle because we saw a need to quality cleaning products that are effective and yet friendly to our families. 

With the help of some incredibly knowledgeable Chemists who specialize in natural cleaners, we developed a cleaning product that is the most versatile, highly effective and kid friendly product in the market today.

All About Our Goal

When we set out to develop ProSol Works we set some goals.

  1. It had to be safe for kids to use.
  2. It had to be safe for pets to be around.
  3. It could not harm plants.
  4. It must be environmentally safe.
  5. It must be more effective than any other product on the market. 
  6. It must be highly versatile.
  7. It must not have any harsh chemical or strong odors.
  8. It must be hypoallergenic.
  9. It must be simple to use.

The Result 

We exceeded our goals. We never thought we could accomplish such an effective all in one cleaner. ProSol Works is now saturated with nano technology that surpasses any name brand cleaning product in effective versatility and performance. 

Our Future

Well, that depends on our customers. Word of Mouth is what we're looking for. Because big corp competitors don't want our product on the market. So, we're starting small and growing constantly as we build a name brand product from within homes, through people connections and you sharing with others how ProSol Works is your go to cleaner.